Tea Lover Gift Box

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A great gift box, featuring three of our most popular teas. Each glass container contains 20 individual bags of Blue Lady Black, Tropical Green, and English Breakfast for a total of 60 Loose-Leaf bags! Delivered in an off-white wooden box, our Tea Lover Gift Box is the perfect gift for any tea lover.

Tropical Green

This vibrant green tea is jam-packed with flavor from mangoes and passionfruit. With a burst of sunflower and safflower petals, this green tea blend represents a beautiful and naturally sweet tropical infusion to suit any palate. This fruity and tantalizing tea is excellent brewed hot or iced for a refreshing treat.

English Breakfast

Wake up to this eye-opening black tea! A rich, sophisticated version of traditional English Breakfast. A blend of Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon black teas, produce an outstanding aromatic and full-flavored morning tea. Enjoy black or serve in the traditional English manner with milk and sugar.

Blue Lady Black

An exotic twist surrounded in mystery, with roots from Scotland. A sultry Flower Orange Pekoe black tea base is blended with Hibiscus Flowers, Orange Peel Pieces, and Cornflower Petals for a perfect iced tea. Enjoy hot or cold and add a touch of natural sweetener, for a delicious and refreshing treat.

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